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translation for HCII
chen dani May 29, 2022 July 29, 2022

Quarteira / Algarve, 3.11.20 Department minute protocols Berlin, 14.1.98 20:44 The quiet lying of the magazines. Outside cars pass. (As always.) 20:45 The working of the nervous system. Outside cars pass. 20:47 Outside cars pass. Berlin, 21.5.95 22:23 She keeps walking back and forth, through the kitchen: PVC. The big room: Wooden floor. The hall and into the office: too 22:24 Wooden floor. Nothing else is to be heard: Only the sound of beautiful shoes in motion. 22:25 Break. Again footsteps. Berlin, 17.8.94 Continues, distant machine sound, like a fan or an airconditioner. It rains, the sound of cars driving on a wet road. 22:24 Leafing through a magazine. 22:25 „ 22:26 „ 22:27 [Writing noises] 22:28 Infrequent leafing through a magazine again. Santiago de Chile, 26.11.96 / Five minutes for dessert. 22:35 The hero thinks. Far in the backround, from the hotel speakers: very bad music. 22:36 The hero thinks, his thoughts cannot cannot be heard. They are swirled around by fragments and explanations from a, pagan, antichristian encyclopedia, which he read the whole day 22:37 through. From the beginning G, from Geburt (birth), Hekate (hecate) Hel and Horus to the end H. Two guests cough. Kitchen clatter, restaurant noise. 22:39 This is supposedly the best restaurant in Chile – pagan are also the thoughts to the meaning of the vegetables on the plate. 22:40 Cooking as healing. Eating as healing. Garlic cloves in sugar crust. Berlin, 26.10.94 Outside cars pass. 22:54 Rustle of bed linen. The heating pipes gurgle. 22:55 Sobbing? Tatjana? 22:56 The fridge twitters. The heating pipes can still be heard, as well. 22:57 Again and again a sighing and sobbing? 22:58 Berlin, 23.10.95 Usual place, usual sounds. 23:01 She writes, I write. She sighs, I do not. 23:02 She writes, I write. 23:03 A dog bells on the street. She writes, I write. 23:04 I leaf through the pages of a contract. She writes and sighs. Venedig, 10.6.99 _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ ___TV and water running._________________________________________________ 23:09 I always went out with guys two inches smaller than me… She puts on her nightgown. _____________________________________________________ 23:10 She walks over to the bathroom. Spanish sounding music from the TV: a hospital-soap._____________________________________________________ 23:11 She takes some pills. The soap gets sentimental. __________________________________________________________   Berlin, 27.11.94 Two altar candles burn on long iron bars, otherwise nothing, except for the sound of the heating: a distant, hollow landlord grin. And: outside cars pass. 23:15 She coughs briefly. 23:16 Exactly. There is a film about people living in subway shafts in New York, who eat people… 23:17 Page turning. 23:18 Page turning. Wien, 16.09.94 The TV is on: a soccer game. Traffic noise through the open window. 23:28 From the TV: An interview with a soccer coach… 23:29 Bundesliga table announcements. Braking and approaching trucks. 23:30 ………… a tram……………… 23:31 ………… 23:32 ………… 23:33 … Sports commentator on a car race… Venedig, 17.7.95 Hotel room, lagoonsoutside, window open… lapping. 23:29 She looks at her battered feet, the right one… 23:30 – Somone whistles, a complete melody, that happens often here – and the left one. 23:31 The toilet seat is folded down, pissing sounds, toilet paper. 23:32 The flush. There she is again: new toothbrush… actually here… Opening of the package. Buenos Aires, 24.11.95 Through the open window: the sound of the airconditioner. 23:47 She is in the bathroom and brushes her teeth. 23:48 the tap is turned on – water is running – and closed again. Footsteps in the bathroom – a zipper. 23:50 She removes her make-up: the eyes, the mouth. Footsteps: She comes out of the bathroom, unbuttoning her dress. 23:52 She hums. Berlin, 3.10.94 Water runns. Traffic noise through the the open window. 23:54 23:55 23:56 No more water runns. 23:57 Noises from the bathroom, a creaking door, footsteps. 23:58 All as usual. Berlin, 13.11.94 Noises from the radiators, sometims gurgling, sometimes more trickling, occasionally a lapping like running water. 23:54 Footsteps, coughing. 23:55 Outside cars pass. 23:56 A loud, cold breath, then silence. 23:57 Movements on the couch. Melbourne, 15.12.94 The video recorder disply flashes leisurely to itself. Fridge. 23:54 The leather couch creaks with every movement. Noise out of the bathroom: snorting, coughing footsteps. 23:55 She reaches for her cigarettes and goes into the other room. 23:56 The noise in the head, the working nervous system, takes over, whenever there is silence for a moment. Water 23:57 runns. Teeth are being brushed. Louder: footsteps 23:58 Coughing. She comes back, goes into the kitchen and back into the other room. Berlin, 3.8.94 Cars a passing by. 23:55 Footsteps and whistling. The toothbrushing is over. 23:56 23:57 Have you brushed your teeth yet? Yes. Leafing through a book. 23:58 Hm. quieter: Hm. Footsteps take off. 23:59 TV dialogues. 00:00 The day has passed, without stopping, without becoming aware of this passing nor giving awareness to it. Wien, 11.9.94 Noise from an airconditioner. 00:19 … I am very unpoetic, aunt Martha… yesterday with aunt Martha… we could bring in again listlessly… 00:20 This country house consists of buildings… the view of the plain is blocked by a small fort…. 00:21 Chewing noises The baron’s houskeeper is called Feodora and cooks incredibly well…. `t was utter madness…. 00:22 …The first thing you get – what? Toast? Toast! 00:23 Toast…. with peperonata und garlic…garlic, very important…. 00:24 The ripping open of a plastic packaging (potato chips or the like) …primi piatti…(incomprehensible)… and leek sauce… 00:25 Chewing noises in the backround …secondi piatti was arranged by the baron himself. To permit us the indulgence of his hospitality… cooked quail on brown rice… 00:27 Pardon? …… Means: He served us……screaming Käuze and owls in the valley…… 00:28 … together with espresso dopio and grappa. Berlin, 27.12.96 Outside cars pass, all as usual. She has a phone call. 00:20 Hello, Tanja here, are you still there? …… 00:21 I’ve called before, it was always busy…… Is it so bad?….. 00:22 She goes to the toilet with the cordless telephone, you can no longer understand her but she continues on the telephone. What? …… (incomprehensible) 00:23 …right down the street……….shit……………….. ………what?…she laughs………………. louder: what?…… 00:24 Probably… she laughs again……………….. call again tomorrow…………………………. Man!………… London, 3.4.95 The window is open, airconditioner in the bathroom 00:23 …sending you my friend Maria – better not… 00:24 The hero has a rash on his face and on his chest. 00:25 Strange, that nobody is saying anyting. About what? About my rash. 00:26 I think you only got it in the bar, some allergic condition. Berlin, 22.7.94 00:27 A bit hiphop, a bit car, a laugh. 00:28 …another little schnaps… the noise of cars, to it „Tatütata“ – i.e.: too late. …never ends… like love. 00:29 An omnibus. 00:30 The sound of a match igniting, and another omnibus. 00:31 The usual. 00:32 The usual. 00:33 The usual and me drinking. 00:34 The usual ebbs away a bit. A lolling, a chair moves back. … and actually everything should be like heaven… Berlin, 13.8.94 A ridiculous 1950’s anti-marijuana film is on TV: 00:37 Appropriate music, 00:38 dramatically escalating. Engine noise increased to an accident, wow! – Lots of excitement 00:39 and shouting, amarican dialogues in the sense of: Everything’s gonna be allright. 00:40 Endtitle – switching: nuts-weekend-tit show. Berlin, 17.7.94 00:43 The usual noises, they seem to be a little malicious, almost grinning. 00:44 Rhythmic soccer world championship winner’s car honking, but still imbedded in the rest. 00:45 The usual noises. 00:46 Ditto. 00:47 Ditto. 00:48 Ditto, i.e. nothing unusual happened. 00:49 Ditto – no. You can hear a door, but otherwise… Berlin, 30.8.95 It is unusually quiet, hardly any cars, no other noises either. 00:56 A short cough from the other room. 00:57 The TV set is switched on – loud – and immediately turned down. 00:58 Blah Blah Blah… male voice. Nothing can be understood: It sounds important, news broadcast? 00:59 And so on. Berlin, 12.7.94 00:59 Footsteps…then I had had a toothache… 1:00 …then, well…cars pass. Although I’m already totally shielding myself, still there is one coming from time to time… 1:01 Still cars… and Judith doesn’t even know them… they met once though… and didn’t talk to each other. 1:02 Only cars Duisburg____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________TV is switched on, water is running______________________________ 01:03 Advertising for telephone sex. (is sung): 0190 44 11 11________________________________________________________ Germany’s hottest sex number: 0 190 98 98 98_____________________________________________________________ Girls for free. 0 190 433 433 – only forty Pfennig…________________________________________________________________ 01:04 …testing all power flirt lines for only 80 Pfennig…________________________________________________________________ 0 190 6 times the 6 – the hottest dates …______________________________________________________________________ 01:05 I give it to you until you can’t brake anymore…___________________________________________________________ Dial this very day: 077 1108 – Call me!______________________________________________________________________ New: 69 50 00: the price hit!________________________________________ 01:06 …The german-polish love line…___________________________________ A trailer for a television film: She is 16…Sexy Lissy: tomorrow 20:15…__________________________________ 01:07 The hero smokes and waits, drinks beer and smokes, it’s unbearably quiet. There is a fashion show on television, accompanied by Strauss waltzes. Lilo Wanders moderates. _______________________________________________________ Berlin, 12.1.95 The usual (It’s this room again) 01:09 She pisses. 01:10 Nobody is speaking, nothing can be heard. All noises are in the head. 01:11 Toiletflushing and footsteps, her business is done. 01:12 The zipper of one boot, then the other. 01:13 She walks back into the other room. Zürich, 7.6.00 01:22 The shutters are down, nevertheless, you can hear nocturnal traffic noise, starting motorcycles, close by and distant cars pass by. She comes out of the shower, the floorboards creak. Do you want some more? 01:23 She refills wine… she wraps herself into the bed… she yawns. She drinks, I drink. 01:24 Cardoors slam. 01:25 The tinnitus in my head (is inaudible). 01:26 Distant conversations on the street, Shouting. [The window facing the street must be closed, you can’t sleep like that.] 01:27 Noises like a car race, far away, but for that matter racing cars are always far away. 01:28 The telephone rings. Say, do you know where this place is? Yes, hang on… 01:29 … Wasserwerkstrasse or Wasserwehrstrasse 89 A. Not every taxi driver knows that, you see. No, of course not…… telephone: 076- 58006585. 076- 58006585… Okay, I thank you for this 01:30 conversation. Berlin, 26.11.94 Water runs in the bathroom. 01:33 A loud, multiple hitting against the mirror. A sigh, 01:34 Footsteps across the room and back to the bathroom. Teeth brushing noises. 01:35 The water is turned off, footsteps again, a smile and a balm. 01:36 A pretty loud roaring car passes outside. She pisses – flush. 01:37 A moment of silence, then the sound of blinds in the bedroom. Footsteps she comes. 01:38 What? Can you open that at the back for me…? I have such a tight knot there… … The knot is opened. 01:39 She goes. Brüssel, 16.6.94 02:25 Zipper. 02:26 Rustling. 02:27 Water–. 02:28 Heart patterned blanket. 02:29 – Paris, 14.6.94 03:08 …just like with braids…… do you know what Katrin said to Beate today?: You look like a rag. You look like a rag? 03:09 Do you even know who else is Capricorn? 03:10 – 03:11 I believe nobody – unless I hear it for myself… 03:12 I said: Unless I see it for myself. 03:13 Oh, my. Brüssel, 17.6.94 04:19 Yes, maybe like that… 04:20 Yes, interesting… 04:21 – 04:22 – 04:23 – 04:24 – Singapur → London, 31.12.94 Boeing 747 (jumbo-jet): air conditioning blower, flight noise. The heros strechted out as well as possible. 05:30 05:31 05:32 05:33 Hang on… I just have to cover myself up – there, now you can lie down again. 05:34 05:35 Mexico-City, 24.10.99 22:34 Through the open window that’s facing the street, the noises of a busy street… 22:35 It’s mostly taxis, almost exclusively VW-Beetles, from 22:36 and other brands too, in most cases with a broken, crackling exhaust … 22:37 Inside a hotel room, in front of the open window… 22:38 The hero: typing noises… 22:39 A parking car, the doors, spanish conversations… 22:40 In moments of silence it becomes clear, how much more there still is, in the … 22:41 distance, constantly… as a basis, above which everything else just emerges… 22:42 ………………………………..again infrequently passing cars… 22:43 only ever from left to right, it’s a one-way street.    

Charlotte November 21, 2020 August 5, 2021
Mechanischer Kopf

Mechanischer Kopf. Menschliches Bewusstsein – nur ein unbedeutsames Zubehör, dass den Nützlichkeitscharakter entzieht.

MINDFUCK January 19, 2021 January 19, 2021

Please help compile the definitive Blixa discography outside of official Einstürzende Neubauten and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds recordings, with links to audio or YouTube if they exist, with as much information as possible (year, others on the song, etc.): song! andromaeda’s note: will add more streaming links later – just doing the ‘main’ releases. I understand if some of the YT videos don’t work, these are just the only ones I can find (I’ve put alternatives where I can). I went overboard for the sake of Just In Case – feel free to trim/remove as much as you’d like. Primary Artist: Albums: Blixa Bargeld – Commissioned Music 1995/Our Choice, Reihe EGO | 2008, Potomak Full Album YT Album Playlist YT (Individual Tracks) Ouvertüre Lange Szene Ritual AFF 14 Indoktrination Blackout Music Bassthema Auf Freiem Feld Somewhere Over The Rainbow Schacht Klopfzeichen Workuta The reissue adds the following tracks: 10. All Alone Am I 11. Magic Moment 15. Wie das Baden im nichts Ist 16. Wundbrand Blixa Bargeld (Played by the Tim Isfort Orchestra) – Recycled 2000/Our Choice, Zomba Records Album Playlist YT Küss mich wach Unschuld Mother Masculine Recycling I Lagerhalle Finntod Maschine Love Scene Verfolgungjagd Maschine K & M zu Mutter Lagerhalle (Bordun) Kia im Kofferraum Amanda the Mermaid Pulpenregen Recycling II (Mord) Maschine Kia & Martin Kia & Martin (Reprise) Recycling III Mr. Aloha Blixa Bargeld – Liest Bertolt Brecht: Erotische Gedichte 2006/DHV Album Playlist YT Goldene Früchte hängen (um 1914) Das Pflaumenlied (1948) Dunkel im Weidengrund (1920) Liebeslied (ca. 1918) Die Jungfraunballade (1928) Was brauchen den Dirnen die Stirnen breit sein (1920) Durch die Kammer ging der Wind (1920) Keuschheitsballade in Dur oder der Jüngling und die Jungfrau (1918) Baals Lied (1918) Über die Vitalität (1920) Wahre Ballade von einem Weib (1920) Lied der verderbten Unschuld beim Wäschefalten (1921) Wenn sie trinkt, fällt sie in jedes Bett (1937) Balaam Lai in seinem dreissigsten Jahr (um 1921) Das Lied vom Surabaya-Johnny (1925) Ballade von der Hanna Cash (1920) Der Ehesong (1928) Das Hochzeitslied für ärmere Leute (1928) Die Legende der dirne Evlyn Roe (1918) Die Ballade von der sexuellen Hörigkeit (1928) Über die Untreue der Weiber (um 1926) Kuppellied (1936) Gedanken eines Revuemädchen während des Entkleidungsaktes (1935) Zieh ins Feld ich traurig meiner Strassen (1944) Erinnerung an die Marie A. (1920) Entdeckung an einer jungen Frau (um 1925) Das zehnte Sonett (1933) Das elfte Sonett (um 1933) Fragen (1934) Ardens Sed Virens (1939) Schwächen (1950) Der Abschied (um 1937) Auch das Beschädigte (1943) Ein bitteres Liebeslied (1918) Die Geheimnisse des Liebeslebens (1953) Der Anstatt-Dass-Song (1928) Oh, die unerhörten Möglichkeiten (um 1918) Das dreizehnte Sonett (1933 / 1934) Sonett No.12 (vom Liebhaber) (1925-1927) Empfehlung eines langen, weiten Rocks (um 1944) Das sechste Sonett (1933) Das siebenste Sonett (1933) Das dritte Sonett (1933) Wenn du mich lustig machst (1950) Sieben Rosen hat der Strauch (1950) An R. (1950) Erst liess Freude mich nicht schlafen (1956) anbb – Mimikry 2010/raster-notion, Commmons – CD Tracklisting shown YT Generated Playlist Alternate Playlist Spotify Fall Once Again One Ret Marut Handshake Bernsteinzimmer (Long Version) I Wish I Was a Mole in the Ground – Extended Mimikry Berghain Wust Katze (feat. Veruschka von Lehndorff) Electricity Is Fiction Foligno Teho Teardo & Blixa Bargeld – Still Smiling 2013/Specula – Vinyl Tracklisting shown Album Playlist Spotify Mi Scusi Come Up And See Me Axolotl Buntmetalldiebe Still Smiling Alone With The Moon What If …? Nocturnalie Nur Zur Erinnerung Konjunktiv II Negroni Nocturnalia A Quiet Life Defenestrazioni KiKu, Blixa Bargeld & Black Cracker – Marcher sur la tête 2015/Everest – Blixa performs on 1-4, 8-10 YT Generated Playlist Spotify Marcher Sur La Tête Belehrung Nuages Sì Dolce È’l Tormento Tête 2 Ocean Jaillir Everybody’s Got to Learn Sometime Es ist zu langweilig Nuages (Franco Mento RMX) Teho Teardo & Blixa Bargeld – Nerissimo 2016/Specula YT Generated Playlist Alternate Playlist Spotify Nerissimo (English) DHX 2 Ich Bin Dabei The Empty Boat The Beast Animelle Ulgæ Nirgendheim Give Me Nerissimo (Italian) KiKu, Blixa Bargeld & Black Cracker – Eng, Düster und Bang 2017/Everest YT Generated Playlist Spotify Zueignung / Nightmare Ich Lag Einmal Vor Der Sonne Auf Einem Berge Wo Bist Du? Misstöne Hohlspiegel Atomic Bomb Overkill Tanz Eng, Düster Und Bang Like This Ein Morgen Wie Ich Opening Performance Orchestra, Blixa Bargeld, Luciano Chessa, Fred Möpert ‎– The Noise Of Art 2019/Sub Rosa Spotify Opening Performance Orchestra –  “The Noise Of Art (2017)” (narration) YT “The Mantovani Machine, Pt. 3 – Gas (2013)” YT (andromaeda’s note: my great-uncle used to be the agent for Mantovani, isn’t that funny?) EPs: anbb – Ret Marut Handshake 2010/raster-notion YT Generated Playlist Spotify Ret Marut Handshake One Electricity Is Fiction Bernsteinzimmer I Wish I Was a Mole in the Ground Blixa Bargeld / Stephen O’Malley / Jill Tracy – Songs of Decadence: A Soundtrack to the Writings of Stanislaw Przybyszewski 2013/Malört Grand Hotel Tbilisi (Vocals by Carl-Johan Vallgren, Hartmut Fischer) Teho Teardo & Blixa Bargeld – Spring 2014/Specula YT Generated Playlist Spotify The Empty Boat Nirgendheim Soli Si Muore Millions of Eels Crimson & Clover Teho Teardo & Blixa Bargeld – Fall 2017/Specula YT Generated Playlist Spotify Hey Hey My My Ziegenfisch Testosteron Sklaven Bianchissimo Singles: Alert! – Are You Hectic? 1992/Cash Beat Are You Hectic? (Perpetual Mobile Mix) Are You Hectic? (Eclectic Remix) Are You Hectic? (Blackout Mix) Featured Artist: 2-Kut – Rock That! (Single) 1988/Cash Beat, Strike Back (Blixa credited as Grandmother Cash) Rock That Rock This Alain Bashung – Novice 1989/Barclay Unsure which song(s) Blixa appears on. Die Haut – Head On 1993/What’s So Funny About…, Triple X “Johnny Guitar” (With Blixa Bargeld) Audio “How Long (Have We Known Each Other Now?)” (With Blixa Bargeld & Anita Lane) Audio / Live Video Die Haut – Sweat (Live) 1993/What’s So Funny About…, Triple X “Johnny Guitar” (With Blixa Bargeld) Audio / Live Video Anita Lane – Dirty Pearl 1993/Mute Spotify “Subterranean World (How Long…?)” (With Blixa Bargeld, originally released by Die Haut) “Picture of Mary” (guitar) “A Prison In The Desert” (Originally by Bargeld/Cave/Harvey) Gudrun Gut – Members of the Ocean Club 1996/Alternation, Moabit Spoitfy “Die Sonne” (With Blixa Bargeld) Official Video Die Haut – Spring 1997/Rough Trade “The Assisi Machine” (With Blixa Bargeld & Gordon W.) FM Einheit – FM 4.5.1 2000/FM 451 Ammer / Einheit – “Radio Inferno (Canto III-V, XVI, XXI, XXII, XXIX)” (With Phil Minton, Blixa Bargeld, John Peel, Caspar Brötzmann) Jarboe – The Men Album 2005/Atavistic Spotify “Into Feral” (With Nic Le Ban & Blixa Bargeld) “Feral Blixa” (With Blixa Bargeld) “Feral” (With William Faith, Paz Lenchantin, Blixa Bargeld, Steve Von Till, Michael Rollins) Die Grosse Untergangsshow – Festival Genialer Dilletanten – Berlin Tempodrom, 4. September 1981 2005/Vinyl-On-Demand Gut und Bargeld – “Marokkoblut” Gut und Bargeld – “Blutarmut” Gut und Bargeld – “Blutjung” X-TG – Desertshore / The Final Report 2012/Industrial “Abschied” (With Blixa Bargeld) “Mütterlein” (With Blixa Bargeld) Automat – Automat 2014/Bureau B Spotify “Schlachtensee” (With Blixa Bargeld) Meret Becker – Deins & Drone 2014/Edel Spoitfy “Mein Brauttanz” (With Blixa Bargeld) Casper – Lang lebe der Tod 2017/Columbia Spotify “Lang lebe der Tod” (With Blixa Bargeld, Dagobert, Sizarr) Also released as a single in 2016 under Beat the Rich! Cyberaktif – Temper 1990/Wax Trax! “Meltdown (Parody)” (With Blixa Bargeld) Cyberaktif  – Tenebrae Vision 1991/Wax Trax! “Paradiessiets” (With Blixa Bargeld) Electrocity Vol.2 1992/Ausfahrt Cyberaktif – “Nothing Stays (Extended Version)” (Blixa credited as performer) The Tiger Lillies – Two Penny Opera Blixa credited with electric guitar Teho Teardo – Una Vita Tranquilla (Colonna Sonora Originale) 2010/Universal Music “A Quiet Life” (With Blixa Bargeld) “Una Vita Tranquilla” (With Blixa Bargeld) Various Artists Appearances: Eisengrau All-Stars 1980/Eisengrau Berliner Dilletanten 1981/Byrlün Live Tapes Blixa credited as performer Kalt Wie Eis 1981/Reflektor Z “Skorbut Song” Sleep? – Berlin ‘84 – Unvollständige Bestandsaufnahme 1984/Kartell “Der morgige Tag ist mein” 59 to 1 Cassette Nr. 0 1984/Nr. 0 “Frühsport Mit Blixa” Tellus #10 – All Guitars! 1985/Tellus “Untitled” (Performed by Arto Lindsay, Blixa Bargeld, Marc Cunningham, Nigel. Thanks to Nicolas & Catherine) Eine Eigene Gesellschaft Mit Eigener Moral 1992/What’s So Funny About… Alert! – Franchise (Stay Alive Mix) (With Alan Vega) Rosebud: Songs of Goethe and Nietzsche 1999/SPV “Ein Gleiches” Kurt Weill: Die Musik zum Film 2001/Peregrina Music “Bilbao Song” Mission Too Noisy 2005/Avanto “The Fight” Yokomono 03: 55 Lock Grooves 2006/Staalplaat 5 Untitled Loops The Orchestra of Futurist Noise Intoners 2013/Sub Rosa “The Mantovani Machine I: Motor (2009)” Sampler Mute Automne 96 1996/Mute Nick Cave, Mick Harvey, Blixa Bargeld – “Maynard Mix” Pop 2000 / Das Gibt’s Nur Einmal 1999/Grönland Records, EMI Electrola “Soul Desert” (Can cover) Schlaraffenland 1999/Epic Klimax feat. Blixa Bargeld – “Enter: Mad Hatter” Klimax feat. Blixa Bargeld – “In The Eyes of a Cat” Die Erben Der Scherben – Keine Macht Für Niemand 2000/Bigbop “Allein Machen Sie Dich Ein” Jukebox Buddha 2006/Staubgold “Little Yellow” How To Destroy The Universe : Part 5 2006/Mobilization Records “Zentrifuge (Rede/Speech)” Credited Artist: Schlaflose Nächte ‎– Schlaflose Nächte (Amsterdam) + Berliner Gäste – Montag 6.9.82 / 22°°h Music-Hall 1982/(π+RQ-J6) Tape Production “Untitled” (Uncredited performer with Alex and FM) Schlaflose Nächte ‎– The Angel Will Not Come 1983/Kremlin Credited as a performer The Birthday Party – Mutiny! 1983/Mute, Vogue, Powderworks “Mutiny in Heaven” (guitar) The Gun Club – Mother Juno 1987/Red Rhino, What’s So Funny About… “Yellow Eyes” (guitar) Ice – Bad Blood 1998/Morpheus, Reprise “X-1” (vocals) “The Snakepit” (vocals) “A New Breed of Rat” (vocals) “When Two Worlds Collide” (vocals) DJ Food & DK – Now, Listen! 2001/Ninja Tune “Ice X1 (Underdog Mix)” (lyrics By – B. Bargold, K. Martin, S. Laws) (typo by the album, not me) Michel Houellebecq ‎– Elementarteilchen 2001/Der Audio Verlag Music by Blixa Bargeld, Jan Tilman Schade Voice Actor [Hubczejak] – Blixa Bargeld  The Norman Conquest – Myriad 2013/The Tapeworm “Myriad” (performer) Marquis De Sade – Die Philosophie Im Boudoir 2014/Der Hörverlag Voice Actor [Sprecher Marquis De Sade] – Blixa Bargeld Michael Farin / Zeitblom / Automat ‎– Kyffhäuser / Unternehmen Barbarossa / Träume Vom Tod! 2015/Belleville Verlag “Rede Des Toten Christus Vom Weltengebäude Herab” (lyrics by Jean Paul, voice by Blixa Bargeld) “Die Gelbe Kröte” (lyrics by Oskar Panizza, voice by Blixa Bargeld) Cookie / Michael Farin / Zeitblom ‎– 7 Takes 2017/Belleville Verlag ” Nirgends Mondlicht” (voice by Blixa Bargeld) “25. September 1971” (voice by Blixa Bargeld) Production Credits: Die Tödliche Doris – “Die tödliche Doris” 1982/ZickZack Executive Producer – Blixa Bargeld White – White 2009/Maybe Mars Producer – Blixa Bargeld Executive Producer – Erin Zhu! Ballroomquartet ‎– Ballroomquartet 2009/BQ Records Producer – Blixa Bargeld Also has a production credit on Ballroomquartet ‎– ‘Best Of’ Compilation JD Twitch ‎– Kreaturen Der Nacht (Deutsche Post-Punk Subkultur 1980-1985) 2018/Strut Leben Und Arbeiten – “Amanita” (produced by Blixa Bargeld) Other Credits: Die Tödliche Doris ‎– Der Siebenköpfige Informator 1980/Eisengrau Typography by Blixa (uncredited) Frieder Butzmann, Laurence Nagana ‎– Bunte Flügel 1980/Eisengrau Artwork by Blixa (uncredited) Alexander Von Borsig ‎– Die Welt Ist Schön! 1981/Eisengrau Artwork by Blixa (uncredited) Letztversorgung Bad Kleinen 2003/Wildest Recordings Kain Hirn & Ole Verstand – “Speeed” (written by Blixa Bargeld) Other Notes: Other releases of note that Blixa has contributed to but unsure if to catalogue Nick Cave, Mick Harvey & Blixa Bargeld – Ghosts… of the Civil Dead 1989/Mute Nick Cave, Mick Harvey & Blixa Bargeld – To Have and to Hold 1996/Mute Köster / Bargeld | N-Dih / Blixa / Susä – Untitled / Einstürzende Neubauten 1980/Eisengrau Gut / Bargeld – Die Sonne (Single) Gut / Bargeld – Die Sonne (Mixes for the Ocean Club) Blixa Bargeld ‎– Rede /Speech Paris, 2-1-2001 2001/Self-Released Nick Cave Gelesen Von Blixa Bargeld ‎– Der Tod Des Bunny Munro 2009/Der Hörverlag Blixa Bargeld ‎– Rede / Speech (DVD) 2006 Blixa Bargeld ‎– Temporäre CD-Brennerei 1998/Self-Released 2-Kut – Rock That! / Beat Boy (Video) 1988/Jettisoundz Dylan Lullabies 2006/Microphone Records (“Death is Not the End” (Bad Seeds song, but credited to each individual singer, some weird Latvian release) Oceanclub Präsentiert Various ‎– Stummute (Nick Cave W/ Blixa Bargeld & Thomas Wydler – “The Mercy Seat”) Tra Special – Berlin 1983/Tra Sonic Seducer Cold Hands Seduction Vol. 42 (“Liest Hornbach” Video) Schallwelten 2009/Der Hörverlag (weird audiobook sampler. It’s amazing what’s been catalogued, huh?) Berlin Now (film) 1985/Stein Film Teho Teardo – Music, Film. Music 2011/Specula (“A Quiet Life”) Sven-Åke Johansson ‎– Filme I (DVD) Alva Noto + Blixa Bargeld – Recombinant Media Labs (Live Bootleg) Bob Dylan Feat. Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers ‎– Hard To Handle (unofficial compilation, but Blixa and Nick have production credits?) Scott Walker ‎– In 5 Easy Pieces – A Themed 5 CD Anthology (production credit for “I Threw It All Away”) I’ve ignored DJ Mixes, and ignored weird selector comps except for ones of interest? I don’t expect you want EVERY single release Blixa has been on, as a lot of it is just repeats of previously released songs.

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