Music material for Flammenwerfer

In preparation for a project next spring called Flammenwerfer (some details here), Blixa has been working with some musicians recording some material, which will have in the future additional women’s choir and Blixa’s singing etc. Here...Read More

TTBB Live in Berlin: album cover

Hopefully in time for the upcoming concert dates, here’s the album cover of the double album, TTBB Live in Berlin (click on it for full sized picture).

Re-Activating this Site

Thanks for still being here! Or coming back here! Or a few of you: new here! As Blixa is working on some new material for new projects (no, not a solo album) and also still working with Teho Teardo on new and existing material, this seems like the ri...Read More

Dec. 9, 2022 Studio Webcast Archive

here you go: there are some parts where the video goes black because we’re (physically) moving the camera around between the two rooms, but the webcast should still continue and audio still available:

More rehearsal video snippets

Nur zur Erinnerung:

Teho Teardo & Blixa Bargeld Rehearsal Videos

A Quiet Life, part: Come Up and See Me, part:

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