Live Q&A Sunday 17:00 Berlin time

Dear all, we will have a live Q&A with Blixa on Sunday, Nov. 15, at 17:00 Berlin time, please convert to your time zone of convenience 🙂 He will talk a bit about the current writing/editing projects, and answer your questions. The Q&A will ru...Read More

Song text translations

Posted by Blixa in the forum: I believe that apart from the three pillars I have already mentioned (Book: 365 a collection of notes / Book: Autobio / Songs: For everyone to use) there is another book to come: “Headcleaner 2” (working title) , which s...Read More

Ola everybody

[admin comment: Blixa posted it in the forum, it’s been added here in case people don’t check the forum, but if you want to comment please do so in this forum thread, thank you.] Ola Everybody! I will start on Monday. This is my initial p...Read More

Blixa on live Internet radio this Saturday

This Saturday (Oct. 24th, 2020), Blixa will take part virtually in the Tbilisi Architecture Biennial 2020 at 16:00 Berlin time, on the topic of “Architecture as Instrument”. You can listen (I think?) to it live at https://www.common-waves...Read More

What is this?

lalalala… hello hello hello, is this thing on? This is the official update/news blog for supporters. Mostly it’s going to be messages from Blixa or the admin (aka webbie), but as the project goes on we envision that those of you who parti...Read More

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