Sept. 14, 2021: Daily Blixa

Was it wrong to build the pyramids?

  1. Ach wie süß der Peitschen Zunge schmeckt

    Sklaven türmen auf
    Sklaven auftürmen
    Sklaven türmen auf
    Sklaven türmen endlich
    Sklaven türmen auf
    Sklaven werden aufgetürmt

    War es falsch, die Pyramiden bauen zu lassen?

  2. It made good sense to build the pyramids. There were surely more economical ways to harness energy, but the pyramids are an enduring monument to the fact that the Egyptians aren’t just any old trash.

    • I think maybe the pyramids subconsciously programmed the Egyptians to understand that they weren’t just any old trash. Therefore they proactively intercepted valid national security threats before they could sneak UP on them.

  3. Yess! Always It is a good thing to become reality dreams.

  4. How did the Mayans do that?

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