May 30, 2021: Daily Blixa

nuke the sparrows

  1. Cracking a nut using the Kango hammer?

  2. Spatzenhirn

    Wir bomben
    die Spatzen
    und töten
    das Hirn

  3. höre die Tauben

  4. Lane on keyboards, backing vocals and occasional lead vocals, was briefly a member of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds with Adamson, Cave, Harvey, Blixa Bargeld on guitar (also a member of Einsturzende Neubauten ) and Hugo Race (ex-Plays with Marionettes). Chris Long of BBC Music reviewed the album in May 2009 and found that “Stranger Than Kindness” was a “twisted love song. At once both beautiful and startling, it is a song that sounds like a held breath, never letting slip the power that swells within it”.

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