May 15, 2022: Daily Blixa

I am not getting back to my roots.

I am getting back to one of my roots


One of my roots is getting back to me.

  1. I don’t know whether this one is recycled from old journals or not, but it’s interesting in the context of touring and playing your songs live again after some time. Live performance is one aspect, one root, in a complex network. It’s finding its way back to one familiar wellspring or another. 

    • No. Not recycled it’s a new one.

      • Funny how roots will grow
        when you are stuck in one place
        when you’re used to moving
        always moving

        Then there’s wives
        daughters, cats, roots
        how to move again?
        make it all work again?

  2. Wurzeln

    Tief eingegraben
    bleibt ein Herz

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