March 26, 2021: Daily Blixa

Jesus is a cross-dresser

  1. Jesus ist ein Crossdresser

    Die Mode
    ein Dekor
    der Ausbeutung

    Ein jahrtausend altes Konzept

    Wer war Jesus?

    Eine Frage
    aus der Zeit

  2. Dressed handsomely in hazelnut leather armour
    ….the oiled down brown leather pants….
    with the declaratively stamped symbols .. flowered and birds…(estimated cost $80,000 a pair…20 pairs of…
    3 billion dollar wardrobe..spun by a host of specially trained angels..)
    16 swords.pointalisqued…..and 2 pointilisqued barber razors bound tightly around the knee…
    and a vampire. Cult goin on the side…8xx the size of yers

  3. But it’s his toothbrush gilt gold and and bees…betwixt strands ofleaves
    With Ox hair bristles..
    that draw suspicion. times.

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