March 16, 2021: Daily Blixa



  1. quack quack get out
    quack quack get out
    quack quack get out of town đŸ˜‰

    no word for cygnet in German either … but always a symbol of enduring love

    “For example, a man who had seen a great many white swans might argue, by our principle, that on the data it was probable that all swans were white, and this might be a perfectly sound argument. The argument is not disproved by the fact that some swans are black, because a thing may very well happen in spite of the fact that some data render it improbable. In the case of the swans, a man might know that colour is a very variable characteristic in many species of animals, and that, therefore, an induction as to colour is peculiarly liable to error. But this knowledge would be a fresh datum, by no means proving that the probability relatively to our previous data had been wrongly estimated. The fact, therefore, that things often fail to fulfill our expectations is no evidence that our expectations will not probably be fulfilled in a given case or a given class of cases. Thus our inductive principle is at any rate not capable of being disproved by an appeal to experience. The inductive principle, however, is equally incapable of being proved by an appeal to experience.”

    — Bertrand Russell. 1912. “On Induction” The Problems of Philosophy

  2. Schwanenobertongesang

    aus letzter Kehle
    und Nebelschwaden

    Grauer Pappelhain
    um Mitleid buhlt
    bis all die Tode
    nur noch Schatten sind
    in schwarzer Nacht

    In Sicht
    das letzte Ufer
    in Stille

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