March 14, 2021: Daily Blixa

Hope is independent

  1. Hope is important.

    • Hey, @admin, I hate to ask, but is there something that can be done about these posts? They’re rather disturbing, and it doesn’t seem like they’re going to stop.

  2. Because: “Hope is definitely not the same thing as optimism. It is not the conviction that something will turn out well, but the certainty that something makes sense, regardless of how it turns out.” (Vaclav Havel)

  3. „Die Hoffnung ist unabhängig“

    Wer spricht diesen Satz?

    Die Hoffnung ist unabhängig
    Sprechen die Satten

    Die Hoffnung ist unabhängig
    Sprechen die Besitzenden

    Die Hoffnung ist unabhängig
    Sprechen die Mächtigen

    Die Hoffnung ist unabhängig
    Sprechen die, die eine Sprache haben

    So höre ich die Sprachlosen
    und kämpfe gegen die, die versuchen uns die Hoffnung zu nehmen
    indem sie sagen sie sei unabhängig

  4. The only antidote left in Pandora’s box.

  5. Hope: the feeling that things can work out, despite the fact you don’t yet know the way, cannot see further than arm’s length in the thick mist that surrounds you, and don’t yet know where it is that you want to go.

    • thats called joining the Fire Brigade 😉

  6. I think Henry is paraphrasing but –

    “Hope is the last thing a person does before they are defeated.”
    ― Henry Rollins

    and i prefer non-lazy assessment and kicking til i drop … smiling a bonus

  7. … and then
    i will be waiting for ‘them’ on the other side ..

  8. of what?

    • myself?
      i cant give you directions 🙂

  9. You’re like the first student ever to see the question ‘Why?’ on a final exam in Philosophy class, and answer ‘Because.’👍

  10. Acreglock I can tell you’re altogether knowledgeable and widely read. You can probably provide a scholarly reference off the top of your head about a lot of topics. There seems to be a lot of Oxford U influence surrounding Bargeld and his admirers, too. The artist Baargeld attended, as did Priest. Which is funny because Baargeld and EN’s members are all German. Not one is a Brit. ???

    • hmm … thats not really fair
      the relatively cosmopolitan aspect of Neubauten sets them apart from some of the other Deutsch bands
      UH Unruh was born in the US and Mark Chung born in the UK
      and sure … the significance of the Haus der Kulturen der Welt conjures some interesting espionage theories … but now everyone is a spy .. whether unwittingly or not … IP spy for the (insert any third party marketing agency for endless supplies of discount offers tailored specifically to your stated preferences … bleurgh ) … its just a facet of human existence .. then and now and much before ….
      and as relevant to the business interest at the time .. i guess.
      Oxford or Cambridge ? …. ha you are reeling me into your web of intrigue 😉
      im just glad Blixa and associates have been a facet of my life … they have furnished me with far more nuanced sensuality

  11. hmm hmm … i just try and listen to others and listen to my own incessant vibrations … and hypothesis are made … theres no pHD involved … i appreciate things people say … as sometimes the time for comprehending is not available … maybe years later that gift conjoins with other experience and shines light.
    an addition to this thread …
    he is correct … language deserves as much love for form as function

  12. smiles … if only people were so one dimensional … (sure … the tabloid press tries to make them way – but it dont work) …
    so the idea of ‘fantasy nations’ being one thing or another is a wee generalisation.
    with regards to the other matters … i dunno … record companies and media cartels have long had a connection with the military-industrial complex ( something the Sex Pistols – EMI touched on) … so a lot of the associations are coincidental for all artists … and EN has usually tried to have a business model that avoids ‘the industry’ … but you gotta eat – they are also a product of their era … metropolitan areas were dilapidated and poor .. but they were are also educational and cultural areas (before the time students were kept under the thumb by loan companies and quasi corporate control ettiquette) …. so it was a mixing pot of the underclasses who families had stayed on the post-war cities … and a rural middle class sector that had moved to the city for university … add international students …. something interesting is bound to happen 🙂
    i grew up in cities … and id love to go back to them for that metropolitan possibility … but i couldnt afford to live in a city – and to a degree the opportunities that cities once afforded have been coveted by web portals and US equity management.
    i dont think Blixa is a Deutsch James Bond or Moriarty … but it would probably make a good book 😉

  13. i dunno …. i dont believe in the pseudo science of racial theory … which makes racism an added absurdity for me.
    with regards to the cultural aspects of global human civilisations … im still very much learning … and i dont have any absolute opinions … other than India and China have been around a long time and had made all the mistakes before the Greco-Roman civilisation had even got started … and we are all making mistakes still … and do neat stuff too.
    and would the NS accept you ? get some confidence ( and a plane ticket – because i have a funny feeling you arent anywhere located near East Asia 😉 ) … its a suckers role to a degree … but its back to things not being one dimensional … ive met some of the most principled,intelligent and innovative individuals in the milirary and security backgrounds … you also meet absolute meatheads that just wont a direction for anger and frustration – i guess they were always the berserkers and cannon fodder ….
    my being ended …. is an assumption you know what im about …. and as i havent worked it out yet … its unlikely you have –
    anyway .. fun troll tennis … and we all share an appreciation for Mr Bargeld … that reflects our own individualities ….
    theres always hope (a circular thread) … but i must admit i still dont know exactly what it is.

    • well … every human technology ever invented (though much of it is mimicked from nature ) has had an original strategic military intention, … its why i like individuals and their talents and contradictions – human en masse as a species … are not very nice people …. smiles 😉 … so the connection to your desire to dominate and subjegate isnt that odd.
      I recommend chess and some form of martial art … invert the energies and transform them …
      What did the Dalek say to the other Dalek after they had exterminated EVERYTHING .. ” ummm … i think we have really screwed up … what do we now ? “

  14. Totally agree with @bio

  15. I see. Some serious mushroom has been smoked already, all-readily.

  16. Or else this is all just getting too silly

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