March 11, 2021: Daily Blixa

Ich war der Anführer einer der 12 Stämme, in der heiligen Stadt West-Berlin.

[I was the leader of one of the 12 tribes in the holy city of West Berlin.]

  1. Who were the other 11 then?

    • how did they die?
      they fell from the sky.

      Lately I’ve been on a How Did I Die? kick.

      • Intriguing!

        • Thanks. There’s a religious theory that all humans are perfectly holy til we become earthbound. Being trapped in physical matter is what corrupts our souls.

  2. Die Vergessenen

    Wer anführt
    hat vergessen!
    Nichts von Weite

    Wer anführt
    hat vergessen!
    Nichts von Heilig

    Wer steht hinter uns?
    Wer steht neben mir?

  3. eines der 12?

    • Ophiuchus kam an, aber niemand bemerkte es 😉

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