July 22, 2021: Daily Blixa

verbödet = mit einem Boden versehen

  1. Verstuhlt

    mit Stuhltüte
    am ersten Stuhltag
    vor Aufregung
    vom Stuhl

  2. EmsedlDfQ

  3. When Aug Stone explored a rumour he’d heard about “Nick Cave’s Bar”, he found a joint where Blixa Bargeld bartended, bizarre performance art took place, and the drugs meant everyone kept drinking long into the morning In the autumn of 1998, after graduating university, I was backpacking around Europe when in Barcelona a stranger mentioned to me that Nick Cave owned a bar in Berlin. Returning to the States, I relayed this information to my best friend Andy and, without doing any further research whatsoever, we decided to fly to Germany to find it.


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