Jan. 25, 2022: Daily Blixa

Die Brüste machen Frauen den Männern gleich.

[The breasts make women equal to men.]

  1. Nope 🙁
    We can’t think with them.


  2. You’re really looking to rankle some ankles with this one, aren’t ya? 🧐

    • no.
      it’s related to upright motion.

      • (sorry, I can’t resist, I just can’t)

        Sometimes I wonder, how many people here does realize, how actually male you are, how cis you are, how straight as f*ck you are, and all that goes with it. To make it clear: personally, I like it. But I’m a stranger in your land.

      • (“do”, not “does”, of course; sorry. I re-wrote in the process but didn’t change the form, and it can’t be edited or deleted, so: littera scripta manet! ))

      • I believe you when you say that’s what it’s about, and I further believe you had no underhanded intentions with it (i.e., you didn’t mean to provoke). I suppose, from my vantage point, it’s hard to imagine posting this without realizing that it could be taken in other, more inflammatory ways.

        (Then again, I say things whose meaning is clear to me, but to others, the train of thought that brought me to what I said is hard to decipher.)

        (Maybe it’s a blind spot that comes with not having breasts.)

      • Thank you, by the way, for clarifying your meaning.

  3. Ein Vergleich

    Das Gleiche
    gleicht sich

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