Feb. 13, 2022: Daily Blixa

(sometimes) even kings have rats

  1. And more than that,

    (sometimes) even kings are rats!

  2. Überlegungen einer lesenden Ratte

    haben manchmal
    die Ratten
    lassen sich das nicht gefallen

    haben manchmal
    die Menschen
    lassen sich das

    • Even, the King of rats

      • And dogs sometimes have queens. Then the people have kings sans queens. Even a rat-king is preferable to a queen had by a dog. And the people let themselves be.

  3. (sometimes) rats don’t even have kings

    • “I knew a boy once … oh, younger than you by far. A mere baby, really.”
      Here we go again, George said. Always talking about himself.
      Quiet! Martha snapped. Do you want to get set on vibrate?
      Hermes ignored them. “One night, when this boy’s mother wasn’t watching, he sneaked out of their cave and stole some cattle that belonged to Apollo.”
      “Did he get blasted to tiny pieces?” I asked.
      “Hmm … no. Actually, everything turned out quite well. To make up for his theft, the boy gave Apollo an instrument he’d invented-a lyre. Apollo was so enchanted with the music that he forgot all about being angry.”
      So what’s the moral?”
      “The moral?” Hermes asked. “Goodness, you act like it’s a fable. It’s a true story. Does truth have a moral?”
      “Um …”
      “How about this: stealing is not always bad?”
      “I don’t think my mom would like that moral.”
      Rats are delicious, suggested George.
      What does that have to do with the story? Martha demanded.
      Nothing, George said. But I’m hungry.
      “I’ve got it,” Hermes said. “Young people don’t always do what they’re told, but if they can pull it off and do something wonderful, sometimes they escape punishment. How’s that?”

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