Dec. 12, 2022: Daily Blixa

Das Geheimnis, die Substanz von der ich mich nähre, ist mein eigener Kokon und sein Verzehren löst ein fremdes Tier aus dieser Hülle oder mich – nach meiner Metamorphose.

[The secret, the substance I feed on, is my own cocoon and its consumption releases an other animal from this shell or me – after my metamorphosis.]

  1. And again
    And again,
    And if you’re
    Paying attention,

  2. Lately I’ve been wondering how long the gestation period inside that shell lasts? And what happens if you stay in there too long? Those cocooning secrets, whatever they are –good, bad, something in between– lose their ability to nourish or protect after a while, I think. But it’s true, something/someone else must come out eventually.

  3. Mimikry

    Ich habe mich
    von mir entwöhnt
    nun bin ich Du

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