April 29, 2021: Daily Blixa

Ich möchte bedeutungslose Musik hören, aber ich sehne mich danach, deswegen wird es sie nicht geben.

[I want to hear meaningless music, but I long for it, so it won’t exist.]

  1. Music is meaningless, all meanings are the creatures of mind (sounds trivial, I know, but still true). Human sense of mortality forces us to create meanings as a protection from nothingness. Longing for meaningless is, therefore, longing for immortality, which (maybe) won’t exist, but the longing still makes sense.

  2. The aimless
    seemingly pointless
    end up somewhere
    hungry, thirsty, lost
    not caring much

    less or full

    a drop of water
    a speck of cheese
    crumb of bread
    another day

    less or full

  3. Is that really what it all means? Sehnsucht means doomed forever in this life? Never getting what one longs for? If this is actually Blixa who reads this, I have a question for you; if one day all of your longings, aching, unspoken wants and desires (even unbeknownst to you) were suddenly found or happened, then what? Is the longing what drives everything in our insomniac, nearly insane bodies to relax and sleep and find happiness? Would we then feel sehnsucht for being sensucht again? I ask myself this every day, and of course, I don’t know! If I knew, I would will it. It’s a nightmare, isn’t it? I love my nightmare. I hope it always stays with me because happiness is not always the number one priority, there are other things more important. The few moments in life I can honestly say I felt profound happiness, it was always followed by a panic to long for the chase of it once more. I think people confuse this with depression, although it can be depressing, it is not the same. It is more complicated and unsolvable. What do you think?

  4. Bedeutungslose Musik wäre unerhört.

    • Gefällt.

  5. Sang und klanglos

    Ein Klang
    ohne Belang
    ist wie
    ein Herz
    ohne Schmerz

    Der Klang
    taube Ohren

    Der Hunger
    den Magen

    Das Blinde
    das Licht

    Der Tropfen
    das Meer

    ein Herz


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