April 26, 2021: Daily Blixa

Define the connections between passion and will.

  1. Random thoughts.

    When It’s not just me involved, there are times I have the passion, but the other does not have the will: so, nothing happens. There are times, when it’s just me, I have the passion so strongly that I am blinkered to possible dangers; will kicks in by the strength of the passion. Sometimes the outcome is stellar. Other times, disastrous.

    There are times when passion and will are equally matched: that’s usually only when it’s just me. These times are unpredictable but often extremely satisfying, in one or more ways.

    And sometimes having the passion and the will to do something which is a thing I know is of huge personal importance, but may cause the loss of something or someone – a friendship, perhaps – the courage it takes me to push on with what it is I want(and need) to do, using the passion and the will, makes me feel like I’ve scaled Everest. Even if I lose something in the process.

    (That last situation happened to me last week. It made me feel stronger, more confident, and more true to myself. The result was the end of a friendship; but it was one which had really ended a long time ago, and had become based on surface trivia and a connection from a very long time ago, which is when it should have ended. A very freeing feeling. I’m getting older, mid sixties, and don’t want to devote time to things which don’t belong in my ‘now’.

    Thanks, Blixa. This was really good for me to think through, even if it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense without context.


  2. Die Liebe, die Freiheit, das Menschliche

    den Willen

    freie Sinne
    die Existenz
    von Leiden
    ohne Leidenschaft

    Die Liebe
    längst enthauptet
    das morgendliche Bett
    und stirbt
    freiem Willen

  3. The will is cement that can only be broken by passion <3

  4. Ein Kreis aus Funken und Kampf

  5. Wille ist ein Schlag
    des Flügels jenen Vogels,
    der Gezeiten rührt.

    Passion ist eine
    Frucht, die, wenn nicht ergriffen,
    schon am Stock verdorrt.

    Ihr Extrakt stärkt den
    Ertrinkenden und schafft den
    blanken Hans herbei.

  6. Wille ist das Anrennen gegen Türen zu neuen Vorstellungen,
    Leidenschaft die Sehnsucht, nach Schlüsseln zu suchen.

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