Welcome to Blixa Bargeld’s official website.

This website is mostly intended to be a place to try out a new project, where Blixa would like to collaborate on writing and related activities with those who would like to support him in this endeavor.

He is working on three different though somewhat related writing projects:

  • a book derived from the notes he’s taken for the past three decades;
  • a fictionalized autobiography of himself
  • song texts that can be used by other musicians and artists

Supporters will have access to the following:

  • regular interactions with Blixa, in the forum, chat, group video calls, etc.;
  • access to early draft versions of his writing;
  • invitation to collaborate by commenting, editing, translating, etc.;
  • be part of a creative international community and share your own ideas, work in progress, creations, etc.

If you would like to be a supporter, please sign up here.  Please note that though the standard suggested rate is 10 euros/month, you can adjust the price in the sign up process.